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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  May 24, 2015 7:45am-8:31am EDT

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miles. host: thank you for the call. ronald from new hampshire. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for the opportunity to comment on the veterans care in our country. i have been involved with the v.a. for decades. my father was a world war ii veteran. i'm a vietnam veteran. we used to have arguments about who was the better soldier, who had the toughest time. the fact is that all veterans to one degree or another provide a great service to this country. as for the veterans of menstruation there was a qualification that if you had income greater than $18,000 per year, you could not take advantage of the benefits from the veterans of menstruation --
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veterans administration. my father qualified, and he got excellent care. what they did in baltimore where he lived, was set up a cooperative between local hospitals and the veterans of menstruation -- veterans administration. he got seamless service between the veterans groups and the local hospitals. he went through heart surgeries and various other procedures. for years, he could not figure out what was wrong with him. they sent him to hospitals in bethesda, and did a wonderful job. the second issue -- my personal experience. i went to the veterans administration just recently because i wanted to explore the
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options and conquer, and i found that the facilities were clean the physician was expert, all of the techs did an excellent job . because of my income, i was not qualified to enter into the veterans administration system. however, i made a phone call to my local senator, and she made a phone call, or someone who works for her made a phone call, and they called me up and allowed me to come in and visit. i went to see what the system was all about and see if i could utilize any part of it, and apparently they change the $18,000 per year minimum qualification. the third issue -- sorry i have and loading up. host: we have to move on, so a quick comment. caller: the person who talked
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about people taking unfair advantage of the system -- i was approached by a person in a parking lot who was a veteran, a combat veteran and was entitled to compensation for ptsd and exposure to agent orange. he counseled me because i had type 2 diabetes the i could get disability just for having diabetes. i think that is purely bogus. i just why to say to the veteran from korea, that he is absolutely right. host: i will stop you there. a quick, from another viewer who says that another separate hospital just for vegans is the problem, government running things is the problem with many things in the united states. the new book out from david macola mccullough, "the wright
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brothers," number one. number two, "clinton cash." bill o'reilly's "legends analyze," is number 11. we will turn our attention to move -- with the executive director. will hillary clinton move further to the political left? later, former republican congressman vin weber of minnesota will talk about the 2015 race, and his recommendation to expand the debate for the fall of 2016.
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we will talk about that. first, "newsmakers," with senator johnny isakson. the denver project, already $1 billion over budget, what impact does it have on other projects. go that conversation with senator johnny isakson. [video clip] sen. isakson: it is more than one billion -- >> it is more than $1 billion over budget. it is hard for people to believe that it is that far over budget and unfinished. do you think it symbolizes the fact that the v.a. has trouble getting anything done? sen. isakson: it is a disaster.
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i took a committee to review the facility. when the present ever asked me what i thought of the hospital, i thought it was a camel. they said, what do you mean? there are too many cooks in the kitchen. not enough accountability. the v.a. does not need to be building anything. their job is to provide benefits to our veterans. one thing that we will do this year is removing the authority from construction away from the v.a. and to the corps of engineers whose job it is to build. >> following up on that, the senate version of the spending bill for the v.a. does include language on that. it would require the army corps of engineers to oversee these projects. using that will definitely become law? there are other concerns that is not just denver, but projects in orlando, las vegas, new orleans. sen. isakson: therefore
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hospitals where the cost is substantial. not as great as denver. the v.a. has agreed to accept construction limits, i think they must be limited to $25 million. host: we hope you to an end. the "newsmakers" program follows "washington journal." it is also carried on c-span radio, which is heard nationwide on xm channel 120. joining us from ann arbor michigan is anna galland, these active director of thank you for being with us. guest: thank you for having me. i appreciate the service that c-span provides an having these kinds of conversations. host: let's talk about where
7:53 am is. martin o'malley is entering the race on saturday. bernie sanders will have a kickoff event. we will cover both of those of us, and hillary clinton is having what she is calling a listening tour. guest: first of all, happy memorial day weekend to everyone who is watching. and thank you again to c-span for having these conversations. moveon members around the country are a powerful progressive force, working to make our country better. we look at the 2016 elections as an opportunity to have a conversation on what we want for our future. will be have a country where our democracy -- terms of our politics are dictated by a big corporate interests and lobbyists? or, will it be a politics which works for the little guy. will we have an economy that
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works for everyone, where someone who works hard can make ends meet, have a decent life for themselves and their family? as we look of the 2060 election, we are hoping to have a conversation about what we need as a country. what we need are the kinds of policies that work for everyday americans. we need to have a conversation about how we can reduce the load of student debt that is currently being carried by students all around the country, students to graduate with unbelievable amounts of student debt. we want to talk about expanding social security. what would it look like for people to be able to think about their retirement and be confident that they can retire securely? what would it look like to break up the biggest wall street banks so that we are not at risk of another catastrophic economic collapse? many other issues. as we look at the 2016 presidential election, we look at all candidates on the
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democratic side and republican side. host: let's drill down a little deeper and ask you specifically about some of the comments. first, bernie sanders, who will have a campaign rally on tuesday afternoon. we will have live coverage getting underway at about 6:30 p.m. on the shores of vermont. he says that hillary clinton has a wealth problem, and when you have a wealth disparity between the rich and poor, that is a real problem. he told cnn, the more issue is what do we do about what he calls the good test -- grotesque level of inequality, and points to the amount of money received by bill and hillary clinton. guest: we do have a crisis and economic inequality. i agree with bernie sanders on that, and agree that our members would agree with that, and i think people on the right and left would agree that it is a
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terrible problem when you have a small group of people making millions or billions of dollars in this country, and the best number of americans -- vast number of americans do not benefit from that. there has been a boom and -- movement to raise minimum wage across the country, and i think you are seeing a rising tide to make the economy more fair and reduce the historic inequality between the rich and poor. we have been partnering with robert rice on the 10 big ideas that would make the economy better for all people. -- they are common sense ideas. things like, what would it look like if we were to break up the big wall street banks. what would it look like if we expanded social security, rather than talking about cutting it
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all the time? what would it look like to have debt-free college? they should be part of the presidential debate. one other thing that you are seeing is people like elizabeth warren -- moveon members tested stood with her and calling for these kinds of proposals, not just that, but also imposing giant trade deals like the transpacific partnership -- i hope we get a chance to talk about that. there has been a very exciting fight unfolding in washington on what the fate of the transpacific partnership will be. as a very big deal, and a big question in the presidential race, and a big policy question. host: we do want to talk about that issue as well. our guest, anna galland, the executive director of , a graduate of brown university. i want to talk about bill and hillary clinton -- does their
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income become an issue for her moving forward in the present shall campaign? guest: i am most worried and i think our members are most worried, about the big numbers and politics. jeb bush told his millionaire donors that he would -- he wants to stop them from giving more than $1 million right now. he says, only give you $1 million right now, and save the rest for later. you have other candidates raising $30 million just in the matter of days. the system is awash with money. the money then determines policy outcomes. that is a problem. what we need is a constitutional amendment overturning citizens united. that is contributing to the and norman's influx of money in our politics, and that drives the kinds of decisions that our government makes. absolutely, i think we have a problem with big money in politics, i think it is bigger than any individual, and it will take all of us to turn it
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around. moveon members have been fighting the rising tide of money and politics for a long time. we presented over 5 million signatures to congress to overturn citizens united. we have been proud to stand with elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, and others, saying that this is a mess. host: (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. we have a line for independents. you can send us a tweet at @cspanwj. you can join us on facebook at do you want elizabeth warned to run for president? guest: yes. our members voted overwhelmingly in december to encourage elizabeth warned to run for president. we think it is vital that we see
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between now and the deals and 60 elections, a very robust debate -- between now and the of money in our politics? are we going to take on catastrophic climate change? quickly to fuel the global race to the bottom on environmental standards and worker protections? these are the kind of questions we need to be talking about the course of the 2016 presidential election. senator elizabeth warren is one of the most compelling voices out there. she appeals to have brought range of americans because she is talking common sense. we love to see your content. in the meantime, we are fighting right alongside her standing up against fast-track authority for the transpacific leadership to make sure we do not connect more
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giant trade deals that feel the race to the bottom. we are paying attention to the 2016 primary to the general election, and we are not waiting for the election. we are organizing people right now on these key questions that are taking place in washington and things around the country. host: you want her to run. you think she will ru -n? guest: she is not running now but there is still time between now and election day. people who are not tracking it quite so closely, there is the enormous trade deal, which has been proposed the obama administration wants it, a number of republicans, and a small amount democrats. but with of america does not. what we had with nafta was a trade deal that hurt american workers.
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litchfield the global race to the bottom in terms of labor standards and environmental standards and other things. what you're seeing right now in the fight over tpp is the leadership of someone like elizabeth warren is vital. she is calling out the fact that the tpp includes a provision that would allow corporations to sue the u.s. government if they are going to lose profits because of laws that the u.s. or any other country might an act. senator warren's voice is a reminder why america is so fired up about her at her message. we are held to be ending up next to her and make sure that the fast-track is not passed, and the tpp is not reality. host: here's what senator warren full bloomberg television less tuesday. >> matters to millions of
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workers across this country. it matters to millions of people who have to breathe the air entering the water. it matters to millions of people are going to eat food here in the united feeds. -- united states. the trade deal matters to me. >> could it impact you support in this presidential election? >> it matters to me. host: let's go to our life for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. i think there might be some misconception about people making money in this country. i do not find there is anything wrong with people making money. it is when they use that money to try to hurt other people in
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the country is when it is a bad thing. when they put people in the congress and the senate that vote to not raise the minimum wage and cut medical benefits like medicare and medicaid, food stamps, things like that. that is when it is bad. host: thank you. guest: thank you for that point. we have a country with the door was and there is no reason that everyone -- that we cannot have a country where everyone is wealthy. for years now, to improve our health care system so that everyone can have access to quality and affordable health insurance through that has meant fighting alongside president obama to pass the most progressive and inclusive affordable care act. meant more recently fighting state-by-state to expand medicaid so that millions of americans who currently do not have access to health insurance guess that access.
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that is vitally important. we've also been fighting alongside all of our friends to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. there is no reason why someone in this country should be working full-time or more than full-time and still not be able to make ends meet for their family and that movement has had a tremendous impact. walmart was pushed to waste -- raise its wages to $10 an hour. we just saw the city of los angeles pass a minimum wage increase. we have almost 10 million people who have been affected by the success of the movement to raise minimum wage. i agree with the caller that there is no reason why this country cannot allow everyone to thrive. we are seeing a powerful movement make that case, stating alongside tribunes like elizabeth warren was ending alongside champions like bernie sanders.
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we are having success in cities, states, and congress. host: independent line, good morning. caller: good morning. let's follow the morning. here are your three largest contributors to -- the money. who are your three largest donors to guest: we have thousands of small donors. we do not take any contributions larger than $5,000 if i was going to give you a list of our three top donors, i would have to give you a list of thousands of people who are truck drivers and social workers should contribute to our campaign. hundreds of thousands of people interviewed, that is what allows us to be so fiercely independent in producing a country where everyone can thrive. we are fighting for democracy that is not golden to the largest politician.
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hands down, beautiful equitable and sustainable economy that is what we are fighting for. we are accountable to know large donors, we are accountable to our members and the broader public interest. i brought of that, and i thank you for your question. host: harold, from new jersey republican line. caller: good morning. the clinton story is a long start. hillary was a president already. we have seen what she has done. what she has done is brought on herself, i believe in forgiveness and repentance, but i also never heard hillary clinton say i am sorry. she did not say that
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sidney blumenthal or any of her other friends should tell the truth. i am so sad -- do they have a shadow government? is that what that is? the clinton government -- foundation taking money from foreign governments, that should be illegal. if it is not right. host: a related tweet from carol who says that if moveon is willing to make u.s. better, how could you support hillary with all of her questionable activities? how will you respond? guest: thank you for the comments and questions. moveon members, they are are 8 million moveon members around the country, and we will be working to ensure there is robust debate about the future our country needs.
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expanding social security, breaking up the big banks, making college debt-free. reverse citizens united, where we take urgent action to address the climate crisis. there are a range of things we do as a country. we are talking as part of the 2016 process. we need all the candidates to be on the record until us where they will stand so we can have a conversation. we're not endorse any candidate at this point but we will be listening to what they have to say and having a robust conversation about where we need to be. host: is governor o'malley of progressive in your mind? guest: members were thrilled to see hillary clinton get in the race, and we thought for a long time it is really important for there to be a robust and real conversation on the democratic side as art of the 2016 presidential election. we look forward to hearing from all of the candidates.
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we want to hear them talk about what they're going to do to make the economy warfare. what are they going to do to make our democracy work for everyone? whether they going to do about the climate crisis? host: from philadelphia, mark democratic line. caller: good morning. my vacation -- big issue is turnout. when there was a dismal turnout last year. 70% of thee eligible american voters at home especially democrats. hillary is not going to win unless we get a turnout. there will not be a turnout unless people are motivated to go to the polls. i would like to hear your position on that. guest: my first position is that everyone should vote. that is the final thing --
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fundamental thing we do as citizens to determine our country's future. but beyond voting individually we can enable our fellow citizens to vote, and there are a number of things. the republican party has been trying to prevent people from voting for the last number of years. they have been passing voter id laws that make it harder for the elderly, for students, or people of color to get to the polls and vote. they have been trying to reduce early voting, they haven't tried to block things like voter modernization rules that makes it so that when you get your drivers license you're automatically registered to vote. we should be expanding opportunities to vote, not making it harder for hard-working americans to get to the polls. wouldn't you be voting ourselves, and making it possible for fellow citizens to vote, and make sure we're contacting loss and passing laws that expand opportunities to
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vote, not constrict andthem. that is one of the biggest differences between the democratic and republican parties. thank you for your question. host: a quick question from james, and he was to know if anna can discuss the origins of her organization's name. guest: moveon started in an interesting historical moment when congress was spending all of its time pursuing impeachment against then-president bill clinton. moveon was founded by citizens of the united states, not political professionals. they started an online petition a call on congress to censure
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than president clinton and then move on to the pressing business facing the nation. that partition -- petition had hundreds of thousands of signers within just a week or two. when i think that moment showed which is still relevant today is that americans across the political spectrum get tired of political theater. they want a government that is focused on solving people's problems. on making it possible for people to have a decent life. if you're working hard for me should be able to make ends meet. it should not be a possible for you to cast your ballot because of these erred in some requirements, or other political games . those kind of common sense ideas have been at the root of who moveon is for a number of years. it remains today that we want to get back to the business of making this country work well for everyone. host: senator bernie sanders making it official last tuesday.
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on saturday, will have live coverage of for martin o'malley as he makes it formal, others getting in the race this week as well. all of that, on c-span. ryan from salt lake city, utah. caller: where to begin. the progress of arnie, they are in the republicans and the democrats. all of that propaganda she was saying about the republicans do not want to vote, that is baloney. the progressives do not believe in the constitution. they want to get rid of it. host: do you want to respond? guest: thank you for your call. respectfully, i disagree. i think we have seen that the republican party, almost as a matter of national unity has
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been voting for voter id laws in states like north carolina, in ohio out in oregon, other states around the country. the republican party has been trying to pass laws that prevent people from voting. that is just a fact. i think what the constitution says is that this is a country where everyone can pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. moveon members share the agenda, and are about defending the constitution. thank you for your call. host: an earlier question about how much money you would accept, this is from a viewer saying if i wrote a check for $10,000 to, would you not accept it? guest: yes. we do not accept contributions over $5,000. i would say thanks, reduce your check, and come back later. host: democrat line. caller: good morning.
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i'm a 90-year-old world war ii veterans, and i am trying to get something. my idea is we need clinton in the office, and i could to suggest to her a new idea. i have a plan that has been presented, and it has dvds on it. i have a highway from may using the right-of-way 95, one going as one coming. 700 mile an hour training, it is all finished and ready to go. and that i could get that to her, and she would say we need
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jobs, i talked to the companies, they think it is wonderful. they say we need a 15 year job. host: to his one, and the larger debate about american infrastructure and rail travel that is going on. guest: one thing that senator bernie sanders has been proposing is a significant investment in infrastructure spending. everyone left and right can agree that it is almost criminal that our country is wealthy and powerful and has crumbling roads and crumbling bridges, and that we cannot seem to make the investments to repair those or invest in high-speed rail, or not even high-speed rail, but the basic kinds of safety investments that might prevent strategies like what we saw in the northeast recently. the broader point is that we as a society can and should be investing in our future.
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investing in education investing in infrastructure spending. investing in our young people. that is something that the common sense ideal should be seen from both hearties. host: hillary clinton back on the campaign trail this week. she was asked about trade and if she supports what the president is pushing forward on tpp. here is what she had to say. >> i have sat i want to judge the final agreement. i have been for trade agreement, i have that against trade agreements. i have tried to make the evaluation depending upon what i thought they when produce. that is what i am waiting to see. there are some amendments that are being proposed that would direct the administration to cover certain issues or's negotiate a certain way that i think has merit. i want to see how that turns out as well. host: in iowa this past week. did she answer the question? guest: we look forward to
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democratic candidates and elected officials all across the board, especially in the house where the decision is going to be made in the coming weeks about whether to move the transpacific partnership forward. anyone who is fine for the presidential nomination of democratic parties to speak out now and say that an enormous trade deal that locks in more power for giant corporations is a bad idea. it is a bad idea for america's coin is a bad idea for the world to encourage a global race to the bottom. week look forward to hearing clear declarative statements from all democratic officials saying where they stand on the tpp. moveon members and labor organizations have come out with a clear and resounding no to the tpp, known to fast-track authority to pass the tpp. we look forward to hearing that day is from members of the house of representatives and other candidates in the coming
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weeks. i think we need to see clear answers from anyone who wants the support of the democratic party base. voters across the country understand that the tpp is a giveaway to giant corporations. one of the provisions that has drawn so much fire is something called pis ds -- tehe isds. corporations that their profits will be threatened by a law that is going to be passed a country like the united states, they can tell us that law and get compensation for great if they want to pass a law saying that they are going to prevent companies from marketing smoking too young people, if they want to raise the bid pharmasset of committees can any of those laws can result in a lawsuit from a giant corporation that could force that company -- country to
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compensate the corporation for the lawsuit. that is crazy. we should not have corporations trumping the laws of nations. i look forward to hearing from hillary clinton and all of the candidates that are vying for the presidential nomination. we look forward to hearing from them where they stand on tpp and on fast track. we look forward to hearing that they oppose it. host: from lancaster, new hampshire, republican line. caller: good morning. just a couple of points. why is it that the left always has to demonize what the republican party or the right has as far as their political action committee? voter id. i have a small town, and
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europe to show an id to vote. he cannot just walk up and vote. it works well, we prevent people from just walking in and voting. there is nothing wrong with voter id. you have to have an id to get into most places that are secured today. there's nothing wrong with voter id. the truck driver you mentioned the next $60,000 a year, and donated $5,000 to and the how many employees does move unemployed -- moveon employ? guest: imagine for a second door and 85-year-old who lives in a small town you live in a nursing home, and you do not actually have a drivers license and you do not need to drive. there are examples of this, and getting a state id is actually a
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burdensome requirement. it is equivalent of a fall tax. there is no reason that you need these burdensome owner id laws -- voter id laws, they are set up to counter voter fraud, when there are zero cases of documented voter fraud. his next hurdle that people need to overcome. there are states like texas who say you can use your national rifle association card, but you cannot use your student id? that is a nakedly partisan move to try to encourage one group of voters to vote and another discouraged. do your second question, moveon is a tiny staff of 20 people. our power is not an enormous stucco it is in an amazing
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community of 20 million people around the country from all walks of life. the standout in the snow, rain, and heat to make sure their voices are heard. we as a community or a powerful force working to make our country a place where everyone can thrive. working to raise the alarm about climate change, making democracy beholden to public interest and the corporate special interests. we are a tiny little staff, but we we punch high above our weight because of the power and thoughtfulness and passion of our members already the country. host: based in michigan? guest: i am based in ann arbor michigan. we do not have a gleaming corporate office, we are based in homelessness is all around the country -- home offices all around the country.
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i get to see here in michigan what is happening to the mission economy. how are michigan roads? when i drove here this morning i drove over potholes and things like that. what kind of experience to we have of the economy and democracy that we're building out here in the rest of the country, outside of the beltway. that city and town experience is part to giving is accountable to a national membership. host: a few more minutes with our guest anna galland from caller: would you explain your relationship with george soros? guest: this is one of these talking points that comes up on fox news time and again. early and moveon's life, we had a much matching contribution from
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him. it is now 11 years later. moveon has raised and spent hundreds of millions of dollars over organizational history from hundreds of thousands of individual americans who care about this country and wants to see it work for average people. we have helped elect president obama, we helped pass the affordable care act and make a more progressive than it was going to be. we worked for years and years to bring inan end to the iraq war. we are working with diplomacy to make sure we avoid another unnecessary of war in the middle east. we have worked with senator elizabeth warren and her track record of standing up for
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the little guy. we have commonsense change that will make this country better, and we do that with the sport of hundreds of thousands of individual moveon members renting a small check for 10 dollars, $20, making a monthly contribution. a large community of americans who care about this country, and work together to be more powerful together than we can be individually. host: marcia, democrats line. caller: good morning. i cannot help but falling back to the same problem that the progressive, or democratic function is not being represented in the local news media. nothing but lies. even on bob schieffer show face
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the nation, all you see are republicans in the conversation. rarely do you ever see a democrat in the conversation. charlie rose has interviews with people who really don't matter. and yes, you get someone like tom on there for an hour to him, that does not happen. host: we will get a response. guest: thank you for that point. the rise of social media has been an amazing development in recent years . you can see the violent and passionate protest movement that is calling for reform of policing to make sure that individual african-americans are not going to be killed by police. that is opposite of what your police should be doing.
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they should be protecting the community, not murdering people in the streets. to your point that sometimes the national media or the local media may not reflect the stories that may need to be told, they are now eight will for people to be sure they can get the stories. second, i would say that moveon is actually organizing right now a idiot series with former labor secretary robert price to get commonsense ideas about how to make our economy work for everyone out to a broad audience. we had a video that robert rice spoke in where he talked about the dangers of the transpacific partnership that we have been talking about. that was. by 3 million people by just circulating on social media. that is our case for what our country needs that we can do it
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we share our stories, share our message over social media channels and throughout e-mail community as well. not all of our stories, not on the voices we need to be listening to are currently circulating on mainstream news and mainstream media channels. we do not have to just take that it pays valley, we can actually organize ourselves using social media . caller: good morning. i just wanted to let her know that she has inspired me. i am sitting on a stack of old factory streets from the 1900 -- pull tax receipts from my grandfather from the 1900s. it says you cannot vote unless


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